Best Nattokinase Supplements – Benefits and Where to Buy Them

By John Dime

In this article I will tell you why Nattokinase is beneficial and where to get it from.

Nattokinase is made by fermentation of the Japanese Natto bean. Japanese are well known for living long lives, and eating Natto cheese is considered a key factor in this.

Nattokinase enzyme is well known for its ability to dissolve blood clots and thereby preventing cardiovascular problems. It is also recommended for handling ovarian cysts without the need to undergo surgical operation.

Is there a difference if you buy it from different companies? My wife had a situation where she needed this enzyme to handle her cyst. She was fainting every time she had her period, and it was very scary. We were looking on the Internet to find a non-surgical cure, and taking Nattokinase enzyme was one of the possibilities that was suggested.

Dr. Best’s Nattokinase was the first thing that caught our attention. It had a very good description and seemed like this was the right thing. Then we found out that Dr. Best’s website and the company itself does not sell their products directly to the consumers. Therefore we started to look for a company that was selling the product.

The first one we found was a company that was selling it for about $50 for two bottles, one month’s worth of Nattokinase 50mg capsules, they also call it 1000 FU (Fibrionic Units). And it was coming with this feature of automatically charging my credit card every month and sending it to me, which made me suspicious in the first place, and three more things they were trying to sign up for.

I just wanted to have my wife try it out, so I ordered a couple of bottles. It worked great, the cyst started to get smaller and after some weeks we could see a difference. She definitely wanted to continue to take it, but $50 a month was a bit too much, so we searched some more. The next one we found for about $30. Same quality. It was unrealistic for me that there would be such a price difference. She kept taking it, the faintings did not come any more and the cyst started to get smaller. The only problem was that whenever she stopped taking it, the problem became worse again, so she had to keep taking it. In our opinion this was still better than undergoing surgery.

Then I had an idea – I had been ordering vitamins from a mail order vitamin company from the East coast and this way vitamins cost me about 70 percent less than buying them in the store. So I thought, okay, I am going to check their catalog, just in case they have Nattokinase. Sure they did! And they had a deal on it, for $25 I got 5 bottles of the exact same quality stuff (different label), and it worked the same way! And shipping only cost $5.

To sum it up, there is no real difference between the quality of Nattokinase supplements you can get in different retailers. Therefore, you should buy it from a well-established big online vitamin company that can sell it to you at a low price, with reliable quality and customer service. Smaller companies have higher costs. Amazon, Swanson’s an Puritan’s Pride are some of the main ones.