What is CD2000® Nattokinase

CD2000® Nattokinase is a Japanese Oral Antithrombotic Agent for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and blood clots in the arteries. Studies show that CD2000® nattokinase dissolves blood clots, which helps maintain good blood vessel structure, improves blood flow, and lowers the risk of heart disease. It can also help lower your blood pressure, reducing strain on the heart that can lead to heart attacks.
High natto consumption has been linked to the Japanese population’s longer average lifespans and lower chronic disease rates. In particular, studies show that people with diets rich in natto have lower rates of death from heart diseases.

CD2000® Nattokinase is a natural enzyme (protein) found in Japanese food “Natto” which is a Japanese infamously sticky pungent fermented soy-based superfood. Natto is a traditional food in Japan for thousands of years. The bacteria is produced during natto’s unique fermentation process by a specific bacterium called Bacillus subtilis, that nobody can copy.

Health benefits of CD2000® Nattokinase

Some of the potential health benefits of CD2000® Nattokinase that may help human body in various ways are as below:

(1) Help Lower Blood Pressure

Several studies support that CD2000® Nattokinase helps thin the blood and prevent blood clots. The enzyme does this by breaking down fibrin, which is a protein that’s responsible for clotting. This help lower high blood pressure and improve blood circulation. It can also benefit people struggling with edema and varicose veins.

(2) Help Lower chances of chronic heart diseases

CD2000® Nattokinase has several benefits when it comes to our health since it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, but most of all, the credit goes to CD2000® Nattokinase enzymes that help control the risk of heart diseases. Several studies has found that nattokinase can be a safe and all-natural treatment for cardiovascular diseases. Medical experts believe that this natural enzyme can be a promising natural alternative to multiple drugs.

(3) Help in Promoting Respiratory Health

CD2000® Nattokinase can help reduce the size of nasal polyps. A 2017 study published in Allergology International showed that CD2000® Nattokinase effectively shrinks the size of nasal polyps. It also found that the enzyme significantly reduced the viscosity or stickiness of mucus. These results can improve breathing and airflow.

(4) Help Improved metabolism

CD2000® Nattokinase is highly effective in controlling the fat in human body and improving the metabolic process, leading to a good and healthy lifestyle. In addition, the probiotic properties of CD2000® Nattokinase enzymes help in controlling diabetes as well.

(5) Help Your Body Get Rid of Toxins

CD2000® Nattokinase has been shown to improve blood flow and circulation, which helps lymphatic systems of human body get rid of toxins and waste more effectively.

(6) Help Overall improvement in the health status

CD2000® Nattokinase enzymes also help in various parameters that involve diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and sinusitis. The health benefits of CD2000® Nattokinase enzymes surpasses the scrutiny.