Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between natto and nattokinase.
A. Natto is a food made by sprinkling boiled soybeans with Bacillus natto and fermenting it, and nattokinase is an enzyme produced by Bacillus natto during the fermentation process.

Q. Please explain the effects and efficacy of CD2000 Nattokinase in an easy-to-understand manner.
A. In addition to its ability to directly dissolve blood clots, nattokinase is also known to activate fibrinolytic enzymes found in the body, such as plasmin and urokinase. It has also been confirmed that it reduces a substance called PAI-1 in the body.

Q. Please tell me the difference between CD2000 Nattokinase and other proteolytic products.
A. Some proteolytic enzymes physically degrade blood clots and proteins in the body with their powerful proteolytic power, but the major feature of nattokinase is that it specifically degrades (dissolves) blood clots.

Q. Please tell me about the effects and benefits of CD2000 Nattokinase other than thrombolysis.
A. It has been confirmed that it improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and inhibits platelet aggregation.

Q. What is the recommended effective dose of CD2000 Nattokinase?
A. The unit that indicates the activity of nattokinase, which dissolves blood clots, is called FU, and the recommended intake amount is 2000 FU (3 capsules) per day.

Q. What does "FU" stand for??
A. FU stands for Fibrin Units (Fibrin Degradation Unit) which as an activity unit quantifying the ability of a given Nattokinase to degrade fibrin.

Q. When is the best time to take CD2000 Nattokinase?
Blood clots tend to form when there is insufficient water in the body or when blood flow is compressed for a long period of time, so it is said to be most effective to take it after dinner or before going to bed, for example. It is also recommended before a long flight.

Q. Is it enough to take nattokinase alone to prevent blood clots?
A. Taking nattokinase is one way to prevent blood clots, but regular health management (daily life, diet, and moderate exercise) is also important.

Q. At what temperature we store CS2000 Nattokinase?
A. To store CD2000 Nattokinase, room temperature is fine, but not very

Q. I have currently prescribed warfarin, but is it okay to take CD2000 Nattokinase?
A. No problem. CD2000 Nattokinase only has the power to dissolve blood clots, but does not prevent blood from stopping. The safety of the combination of nattokinase and warfarin has also been confirmed in clinical trials.

Q. Are there any foods that cannot or should not be combined with CD2000 Nattokinase?
A. Nothing in particular. However, to prevent thrombosis, it is recommended to limit the intake of foods containing ingredients that promote blood clotting, such as vitamin K2.

Q. Please let me know if you have any examples of side effects from taking CD2000 Nattokinase.
A. Since it’s a food Japanese people are eating in daily meal sine thousand years, there is no reports of side effects over past 10 years. We believe it to be a highly safe material.

Q. Are there any cases of side effects or poisoning caused by excessive intake?
A. Safety tests have confirmed that it is safe even if taken in excess. However, taking a large amount will not increase the effect, so we recommend taking an appropriate amount every day.

Q. Please let us know if you have any initiatives with the Ministry of Health in Japan.
A. The manufacturer of CD2000 Nattokinase have joined the working group for establishing standards for Bacterium natto culture extract of the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association, whose competent authority is the Food Safety Department, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.