How Could Nattokinase Help Cancer Patients?

By Andy James

Nattokinase improves blood flow by thinning the blood. This means that oxygen and other nutrients are transported around the body more efficiently, and more oxygen is transported to the infected tissue and cells than it normally would be.

If you read our article on fibroids in women, you will already understand how nattokinase helps to prevent fibrous blood clots from developing and how it also disperses fibrin (if you haven’t read it, we recommend that you read it because of the similarities). This affect shrinks the fibroids.

So this proteolytic enzyme has two separate and potential benefits for cancer patients.

  1. Transports oxygen to the affected area, because of cancers oxygen starving effect.
  2. Prevent fibrous clots and dissolves the fibrin coating around tumors.

Because cancer patients need to thin their blood to help break down fibrin, nattokinase could be taken for this purpose, thus adding to fight against the cancer cells.